Peter Cady

I let intuition guide me to recreate my experience of living. What is the nature of our interactions- with each other, with the natural world, with the built environment? Life’s absurdity, seriousness, humor, is thrown in the mix.

I can enter the studio preoccupied with a physical or mental image, or excited to explore a new color, or needing to just smear paint. I try to work spontaneously, planning as little as possible, fighting off the logical brain.

I love to look at others’ paintings- who doesn’t?
Rothko’s vibrating color harmonies, Diebenkorn’s linear blue spaces, Dali’s green and brown strangeness, Wayne Thibaud’s lusciousness, Morandi’s tonal compositions, Wolf Kahn’s brilliantly lit forests, Richter’s layered and scraped screeds, for big names.

In my dreams are frequent images of moving through openings or along paths, trying to get somewhere or to someone, never quite arriving. Perhaps this is the state of my work- traveling, without endpoint.

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