Peter Cady

Painting is an attempt to put one’s understanding of life onto a two dimensional surface. As if that is easily done! I sometimes enter the studio preoccupied with a physical image, or excited about certain color juxtapositions, or needing to express an idea or emotion. I try not to rely too much on the logical brain, yet it usually lets me know it’s there.

Having spent my life on the New Hampshire seacoast, it is a major context for my work. The seasonal changes here are wondrous.

Of course I am influenced by other painters- Mark Rothko’s vibrating color harmonies, Paul Bonnard’s and Richard Diebenkorn’s sense of interior and exterior space, Wayne Thibaud’s lusciousness versus Giorgio Morandi’s muted relationships, David Park’s directness, Gerhard Richter’s layering, Paul Cezanne’s compositions and brushwork, on and on.

So I look and I paint; it is a very unfinished business.

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